ABP supports a number of environmental and local community initiatives across the regions where we operate.

Our objective is to work openly and cooperatively with community stakeholders in the interests of responsible forestry practices that deliver social, environmental and economic benefits.

We work closely with local government on matters such as plantation establishment, road infrastructure and other planning requirements. We play a key role in supporting fire prevention and management in the community by working collaboratively with landowners, neighbours, local brigades, local and state governments and other plantation managers. We also assist with local environmental projects such as revegetation and weed control by providing funding or in-kind support. 

ABP is a significant economic contributor to the regions where we operate. We are a major employer and support many local contractors, service providers and businesses. We employ approximately 60 full time employees Australia-wide and use over 250 contractor businesses.

Recent Programs

Monitoring and management of threatened species

ABP regularly undertakes targeted field surveys to identify the presence of threatened species in our high conservation value forest areas. Field surveys include dusk/dawn stag watches (viewing hollows in trees), ground surveys for scat or diggings, bio-acoustic recorders and remote wildlife cameras.

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