Welcome to Australian Bluegum Plantations

ABP is one of the largest, fully integrated plantation managers and woodchip exporters in the world. We are a dedicated team of professionals, partnered with an experienced contractor workforce focused on safely producing and supplying a premium woodchip to our valued customers in the Asian pulp and paper sector.

Our Mission

ABP is committed to excellence in growing, harvesting and marketing sustainable plantation resources.

What we do


ABP strives for continuous improvement in our plantation management ‒ researching, developing and implementing innovative practices which result in the production of consistently high quality wood chips.


An extensive planning process precedes harvest. The application of advanced harvest methods and the engagement of experienced local contractors are integral to this critical stage of ABP operations.

Port Facilities

ABP premium woodchips, destined for export to customers in China and Japan, are transported in customised woodchip trailers for loading at our upgraded port facilities in Western Australia and Victoria.


Informed land selection and acquisition, whether leasehold or freehold, is foundational to the long term sustainability of our operations. This process is underpinned by the combined expertise of our estate managers and research and development team.


ABP marketing specialists play a critical role in developing and maintaining relationships with our overseas buyers. For effective engagement with our customers we have staff based in Melbourne and Qingdao, China.


ABP forestry assets are located in the Albany region of Western Australia and the Green Triangle region of South Australia and Victoria.

Albany region

ABP currently holds over 31,000ha of blue gum plantations located in the Albany region of Western Australia. In this region our operations are managed from offices in the coastal city of Albany, where our dedicated port facility is also located.

Green Triangle region

Our estate in the prime forestry region known as the Green Triangle extends over 44,000ha in Victoria and over 10,000ha in South Australia. ABP also operates a newly-expanded port facility in Portland, Victoria for export of our premium product to international customers, with our head office located in Melbourne. 

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