Since ABPs’ inception in 2009, exports have risen from 150,000 GMT per year to over 3 million GMT. ABP marketing specialists play a critical role in developing, maintaining and ultimately capitalising on the key relationships they have developed with overseas buyers over many years.

Our marketing team is based in Melbourne with an overseas representative stationed in the Shandong province of China. The team are responsible for maintaining direct connections with all major pulp and paper customers in Asia and overseeing all aspects of our sales. This includes vessel scheduling and chartering, quality management, contractual requirements, trade finance and settlements. 

ABP’s port facilities in Albany and Portland are an integral part of marketing our product; this is where quality is measured and final value is added by using the latest equipment and technology to maximise volumes loaded and decrease shipping costs.

The marketing team’s ability to sell a premium woodchips while adapting and responding to customers’ requirements and market changes has been crucial to ABP’s continuing success.

Albany Chip Terminal
Portland Chip Terminal


ABP exports over 3 million GMT of woodchips, and markets over 1 million GMT of externally sourced woodchips each year, destined for customers in China and Japan.


ABP grows and harvests premium quality E. globulus plantations for the production of woodchips used in dissolving pulp for high grade paper products and rayon.  E. globulus is valued for its high yield and low production costs compared to other woodchip products.