Leadership team

Russ Hughes

Chief Executive Officer

Russ leads a strong team at ABP, continually challenging the organisation to improve annual performance as well as growing the long term value of the company. Since joining ABP, he has focused on developing and implementing the company’s business strategy, leveraging the benefits of controlling the entire supply chain, from plantation establishment through to ensuring a quality woodchip is safely produced and supplied to our customers.

Scott Eaton

Marketing Director

Scott is responsible for arranging all aspects of marketing woodchip sales to customers in China and Japan. He has successfully overseen ABP’s growth in sales and expanded our business into marketing arrangement with other private woodchip suppliers in Esperance and Tasmania. Scott has significant experience in the forestry sector, with a focus on the global woodchip market, working with both industry and export trading organisations.

Lee Hargreaves

Commercial Manager

Lee is a chartered accountant with experience in plantation management as well as transport and logistics, Lee is responsible for all aspects of ABP’s commercial and contractual arrangements including all capital projects. His leadership of the company’s Land and Resource Procurement team has led to substantial additions to the company’s asset base. An additional highlight has been his direction of the expansion of the company’s port facilities.

Margaret Herrick

Accounting Manager

Margaret is a certified practicing accountant, with experience across a range of industries. Her key focus and expertise is in developing and leading high-performing teams, process improvement and change management. Currently Margaret is focused on developing the skill set of the finance group to support our operations teams in making informed commercial decisions.

Damien Mitchell

General Manager Finance and IT

Damien is a chartered accountant, responsible for ABP’s finance team. He is responsible for all accounting, tax, forecasting and capital management. Damien is also responsible for Information Technology, and is currently leading the team to upgrade our paper dockets to an electronic docketing system. As part of developing and implementing our business strategy, he led a project team to develop and implement business-wide KPIs continuing to improve performance.

Carl Richardson

General Manager, Forestry

Carl is responsible for leading ABP’s forestry operations in both the Green Triangle and Albany regions. He leads a high-performing team that delivers continual improvements and innovations, most recently addressing second rotation yield decline whilst reducing operational costs. Carl has held a number of diverse roles in the forestry and plantation sectors, including research, site assessment, silviculture, safety environment certification and management.

Darren Shelden

Manager, Port and Logistics

Darren is responsible for managing ABP’s port facilities in Albany and Portland. Darren and his team at the ports manage the delivery, stockpiling and ship loading of over 3 million tonnes of woodchips each year. Darren has brought a focus on efficiency and quality control to our port operations. He has significant experience in all aspects of our supply chain, previously involved in large plantation expansion projects and the development of industry best practices.