Health and Safety

ABP is strongly committed to our value ‘Make Safety Our Mindset’. We ensure that the health and safety of our employees, contractors, visitors and communities always comes first.

We commit to identifying work-related risks and know that implementing the right controls to effectively manage such risks will lead to improved safety outcomes. We believe injury is preventable and remain dedicated to ensuring everyone returns home safely to their families at the end of their working day.

ABP Health and Safety policies, procedures and practices are integral to all areas of our operations including, for example: fire management; environmental management; use of vehicles, chemicals and dangerous goods; fatigue management and general duty of care obligations for employees and employees.

ABP will continue to provide a supportive health and safety culture, promote safe behaviours and demonstrate our commitment to continual improvement through strong leadership and processes of accountability.

From 2020 and beyond, ABP safety programs will continue to focus on leading indicators as a means to improve safety.

In a practical sense, we look out for each other and give constructive one-on-one feedback to reinforce safe work behaviours and discourage at-risk behaviours. This will continue to help strengthen our workplace safety culture.

Further, ABP continues to integrate health and safety requirements into contractor procurement and management to prevent injury, and to ensure contractors take reasonable care both of their own workers’ health and the safety of others.

ABP – Light Vehicle Driver Safety Training Program

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ABP has identified that operation of vehicles, both in transporting chips and logs, as well as light vehicles, represented the single largest risk with respect to employee safety.

Subsequently, a commitment was made to develop a light vehicle driver safety training program video to reduce this risk by focussing on raising the awareness of not only safe operating procedures, but also to tackle the larger issue of fatigue management.

This video was completed and shared with ABP and our contractor workforce in the last quarter of 2019. The video has been very well received and exceeded expectations and will now be used as part of our online induction process, so every ABP employee and the employees of our contractors will understand the standard ABP has set with respect to the safe operation of light vehicles.