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ABP values contributing to and participating in worthwhile community events in the places where our operations, staff and contractors are embedded.
Basalt to Bay Landcare Network Group
A glider nest box being installed in the Saint Helen’s Flora reserve for the Basalt to Bay Landcare Network.
- photo courtesy of Basalt to Bay Landcare Network Group

Basalt to Bay Landcare Network Group

ABP has aided and worked alongside Victoria’s Basalt to Bay Landcare Network Group (B2B) in their work to reconnect the landscape and restore the habitat of rare and threatened species.

These collaborations have included projects such as:

  • the removal of woody weeds from B2B-managed road reserves;
  • setting aside strips of commercial blue gum stand in order to facilitate movement of arboreal mammals between remnant vegetation patches;
  • the installation of glider, bat and owl nest boxes in the St Helens Conservation Reserve;
  • participation in landscape-level fox baiting programs.

Over the next year ABP will continue to strengthen our relationship with B2B by participating in targeted revegetation in addition to ongoing weed and pest control works.