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Tech triumph: Investment in new AI-powered cameras pays off

Tech triumph: Investment in new AI-powered cameras pays off

Fire-fighting technology is now battling blazes from land and sky in exciting new ways.
As part of the Green Triangle Fire Alliance’s (GTFA) network, ABP is proud to support the rollout of new smoke detection cameras that are saving trees and protecting communities. 

The human eye might not spot a wandering spark – but a camera will.

That’s why ABP has partnered with nine other GTFA member companies to invest in Australia’s largest network of smoke detection cameras, raising effective fire management standards.

The new eyes in the sky, which are rolling across southwest Victoria and South Australia, are protecting 1.3 million hectares of valuable plantations, communities and wildlife not covered by traditional fire tower surveillance.

Operated by Pano AI, each camera captures 360-degree scans of the landscape, spotting small fires from up to 30km away before they become a major threat. 

This quick, accurate information from the sky means fire management staff can act fast on the ground – taking informed action before a blaze gets out of control. And it works, with 33 fire events averted during the last fire season.

Scanning ahead for climate instability

As climate change raises bushfire risk and frequency, merging advanced technology with on-the-ground resources is becoming the future of fire prevention. And ABP is proud to be part of the solution.

‘Plantation companies have fully funded all the cameras in southwest Victoria,’ explains Darren Shelden, ABP’s General Manager of Operations.  

‘Now, we are seeking government support for a broader rollout, which will expand the camera network to 11 in southwest Victoria.’

Darren’s enthusiasm is echoed by Anthony Walsh, GTFA’s Manager. ‘The GTFA is proud of these excellent results and the outstanding effort of our more than 300 trained forest firefighters who work tirelessly alongside state agencies to keep our assets and broader region safe.’ ABP is proud to continue supporting this important next step in preserving Australia’s landscape – and the communities within it.