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Stepping outside: ABP guides future leaders in nature’s classroom

Stepping outside: ABP guides future leaders in nature’s classroom

The young people of today will become the conservationists of tomorrow.
So, to help Outdoor Education students understand the unique role businesses play in environmental protection, ABP took several high school students out of the classroom – and into the field.

Studying the links between economic stability, conservation and social responsibility from a textbook is one thing. But nothing beats getting outside to see it with your own eyes.

So in March 2024, several ABP staff shared their insights with students from Holy Trinity College and Geelong Lutheran College during an onsite tour of an ABP plantation near Hamilton.

Our picturesque plantation was the perfect backdrop for our team members to share their passion for their work. While the gum leaves rustled and the parrots squawked, students learned all about how a healthy economy can coexist with conservation.

The session also allowed students to get up close and personal with ABP’s operations and expand their industry knowledge – all while getting their hands dirty!

By the end of the day, students had a better understanding of the relationship between industry, economy and environment which will help them achieve stronger academic outcomes in Outdoor Education.

As a bonus, many of them also discovered a career they’d never considered before, creating new opportunities for their professional futures.  ABP has a long, proud history of supporting local communities. Through initiatives like this Outdoor Education program, we can support the work of schools – and guide young minds towards an abundant and fulfilling future in the sustainable resources industries.